Aerial Filming

Modern, remote-controlled drone cameras have changed the face of video production in the UK. Offering an unparalleled perspective for both long and short pieces, this form of aerial filming enables us to create ultra-smooth, cinematic and captivating footage of landscapes, buildings, products and more.

Drone cameras may be UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) but our licensed pilot controls them from the ground under the watchful eye of our video director David. Because the high definition content is streamed in real time we’re able to navigate the drone to ensure we capture the exact frames we need. It’s an exciting yet carefully coordinated process, in which our clients often choose to get involved – more for their enjoyment than necessity! We can even use drones indoors if there’s a particular vantage point you wish to obtain.

Once we have an idea of your brief we can consider the detail such as flight durations, filming times, level of daylight required, weather conditions and the most equipped crew for the job. 

Contact us to discuss your drone filming requirements or view some of our drone film work