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According to a survey by RewardStream, word of mouth recommendations influence the purchasing decisions of 93% of consumers. It’s therefore no surprise that case study video production is such a popular strand of our work.

Showcasing the success of a particular project, event, product or service, case study videos and customer testimonials detail what happened, why, and the resulting outcomes. They can often have a medical focus too, perhaps detailing the story of a patient and/or their friends and family. In such instances, the footage can be dramatised, with the careful selection of actors to convey sensitive or confidential content. But they are particularly powerful when they draw upon the first-hand experiences of those concerned.

We’ll take care of everything, from the strategic storyboarding of the film, through to the interviewing of key participants, if appropriate. We may utilise voice over narration to effectively knit different video clips together, or the careful use of graphics and animation to highlight key facts and figures. The beauty of working with our experienced, video production agency, located in Hertfordshire, is that you have all of these complementary services at your disposal. We can even provide post production editing services if you already have some existing footage to work with.

Whilst organisations of all shapes and sizes may utilise such films to help tell their story, at The Production Zone, we’ve tended to specialise in case study video production for the charitycorporate, healthcare and educational sectors. For example, in the corporate sector a case study film featuring actual customers talking honestly about the benefits of your products and services will become an excellent promotional tool to attract future business. Similarly in the charity and healthcare sectors a case study video where people tell their own personal stories is likely to resonate powerfully with your intended audience.

Our portfolio highlights just some of our case study video production work, so please browse through for inspiration. But remember, video content has to achieve your specific marketing objectives, which is why any recommendations we make will reflect the style, tone, format and messaging best suited to your individual brief.

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