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Our practical, detailed and thought-led approach to educational video production means we have naturally attracted enquiries from this sector. It can be a difficult area to work in, given the need to transform often complex topics into digestible, engaging films for staff, students and/or the general public.

Video is a fantastic way to bring multifaceted subjects to life, as our work for organisations such as AHDB Dairy, and Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Leeds, has shown.

In much the same way as we’d tackle a charitycorporate, healthcare or promotional video production, we start by immersing ourselves in the topic so that we have a detailed understanding of the issues and opportunities at hand. We challenge ourselves to understand the content in almost the same level of depth as our client – without this knowledge, how could we do the video justice?

Then we begin to think about how best to educate and inform the viewer. We consider how to break the composite information into clear component parts. We discuss the use of dramatisation, eye-catching graphics and interviews with notable experts, to convey the key points. And we collaborate with the client throughout to ensure the project meets their needs from start to finish.

The result is engaging, informative and insightful video that the viewer wants to watch until the end. We’ve even achieved award recognition for our educational video and training video work.

As well as being specialists in producing videos to support teaching and learning, we also have many years of experience in creating video content to promote student recruitment.

Looking for inspiration? View some of the educational videos we’ve created to date or explore the services we offer to this sector.