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As YouTube continues to rise in popularity, so too does the volume of informational video production carried out by private and public sector organisations worldwide. Brands recognise the ability to deliver insightful, educational content via engaging, easy-to-digest short films and the shareability of the resulting productions often helps to reach a wider audience than was previously possible.

Of course, the objective isn’t always to communicate to a mass audience. Sometimes, an informational video will have a very defined objective, such as raising breast cancer awareness in locations where awareness is low. We have even produced informative healthcare videos aimed at a specific ethnic group and narrated in their native language. For such projects, YouTube ‘fame’ isn’t the priority – making a difference to people’s lives is.

Informational videos don’t just apply to healthcare of course. Yes they can help advise, enlighten and support patients and their families. But they can also be used for educational purposes, to train and develop people throughout varied sectors. And they can offer practical step-by-step guidance as to how to use a product or service to best effect. The opportunities are endless, as long as the style, tone, and execution fulfils the objectives set.

Nobody will know the content better than your own team. But conveying that content in a compelling manner is what we’re good at! That’s why the best informational videos arise from a collaborative relationship based on strong communication, trust and good humour! 

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